Percussive Therapy: Professional Massage, Affordable Price

A short message from our Founder & CEO, Mike Boland.

RecovRX brings real relief to real people. That's why, when we talk about who our customers are, we say:

Real people. Real results.

The Full Kit

The RecovRX Percussive Therapy Device comes with everything you see here: everything you need to enjoy a satisfying, powerful massage anywhere.

  • Specifications

    — Powerful, brushless high-torque motor with Quiet Glide technology.

    — Rechargable, replaceable, high capacity Li-On battery.

    — Flexible multispeed setting for optimal pressure.

    — Cordless and Lightweight (2.5lbs/ including all accessories)

  • Vibration

    — 30 Gears of vibration control sensitivity.

    — 30 Hz to 53 Hz range.

    — 1800 - 3600 RPM frequency.

    — 12 mm stroke amplitude.

    — 20 W rated power.

    — Less than 55 db working noise.

  • Warranty

    Within two months of purchase, RecovRX will replace any device that fails due to a defect in manufacture or materials free of charge.